Neuropathy Rehab

Relief Start Here. FDA-Cleared Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy.


FREE Lunch at Stone Creek Restaurant!

Thursday, October 3rd at 12:00pm

You’re Invited to Enjoy Lunch and Learn About a Breakthrough Treatment for Neuropathy.

Discover The Top 3 Causes of Nerve Damage and How to Overcome the Painful Symptoms of Neuropathy Without Drugs or Surgery.


Proven Treatment Protocols

FDA-cleared treatment proven to work on thousands of cases across the country!


Improved Mobility

Enjoy an active life again when living with less pain and numbness in the feet.


More Energy

Our neuropathy patients often report increased energy and stamina on their feet.


Weight Loss

Most of our neuropathy patients lose 5-30 pounds within 2-3 months of care.


Less Pain

Reduced pain and inflammation make it possible to improve balance and stability.


No Drugs or Surgery

Our neuropathy treatment requires no drugs or surgery and people often see results in first week.

Neuropathy Treatment Program

Our proprietary Neuropathy Rehab Program combines FDA-cleared therapies and functional medicine proven to increase blood flow and nerve function in the feet. Damaged nerves will heal and regenerate when given the right environment. It is possible to reverse the painful symptoms of neuropathy!

Free Lunch at Stone Creek!

Stone Creek Restaurant
9856 Montgomery Road
Thursday, October 3rd at 12:00pm

Or call — 513-449-2637

Space is very limited and this event will fill up quickly.

Functional Health and Wellness expert, Dr. J. Adam Metzger has a passion for helping people overcome the pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and other hard to describe symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy. With a background in chiropractic medicine, traditional oriental medicine, and acupuncture, the team at Neuropathy Rehab have created a proprietary 5-step process to reverse nerve damage.

Dr. J. Adam Metzger

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Neuropathy Relief Is Possible! Stop Living In Pain.


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