11-Day Cleanse

Quickly Lose Weight with a Cleanse of the Colon and Liver

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Your colon and liver are the main filtration systems of your body, much like an air filter. They’re the largest organs of the body and carry out hundreds of essential tasks. Detoxification, protein synthesis (cellular building), and digestion are just a few of them. Without cleansing your colon and liver first, your body can’t process out toxic waste efficiently. Toxins are filtered out when your blood circulates through the liver, and if your liver is maxed out, it won’t be able to do its job. The liver pulls out the toxins and breaks them down, so your body can excrete them through your digestion and kidneys. If the colon and liver don’t function well, toxins can be reabsorbed into the blood stream, and nutrients may not be absorbed at all.

A gut and liver cleanse will make a huge impact to get rid of toxins and turn around your health. It has the potential to not only improve your nerve function, but also increase your energy, vitality, and quality of life as well. This eleven-day cleanse of the colon and liver kick starts your healing process.

It is imperative to cleanse the colon and liver to live a healthy life. Read the e-Book to learn how to lose up to 15 pounds in 11 days with the colon and liver cleanse.

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